Achieving Consistency In Your Golf

Author: Jonathon Hardcastle

Golf is a game of skill that requires logic and athleticism in equal measure.  Furthermore it requires an immeasurable degree of practice and repetition to engrain swing changes and to improve your game.  In fact, Nick Faldo once estimated that it takes 10,000 swings before you can achieve any deliberate change in your swing, which goes to show the extent to which it is necessary to practice your game.  In this article, we will look at some of the key things to consider when striving for consistent game play, and the best ways of achieving these objectives whatever your level of play.

The first way to achieve consistency is to maintain a standard set up.  That means making sure your stance, grip and alignment are consistent every time.  Set up as normal in the same way, and then make the necessary changes to account for your upcoming shot.  If you repeat your set up often enough, it will stick and become your natural response to hitting a golf ball.  This is a great state to be in, because it can really allow you to focus on other aspects of your game without having to worry about your set-up.

Similarly it is imperative to establish a consistent pre-shot routine.  You should always approach the ball in the same way, prepare your identical stance in the same way, and visualize your shot in the same way.  By repeating this process, you can again establish a confidence in your natural swing that allows you to work on different areas of your golf and really work on cutting down that handicap to a respectable figure.  Golf is centered on consistency, and if you’re not consistently consistent, you’re not consistent at all.

Above all you should maintain the same mental approach to your game.  Plan and focus before every shot, and don’t let the demons creep in.  Through practicing the same routine, you establish a comfort zone on the golf course, which allows you make the necessary changes to your game to improve scores, without having to worry about the impact on the rest of your game.

Golf is not an easy game - no one ever said it was.  And that’s half the fun, of course.  If you manage to find a rhythm and develop some form of consistent ball-striking, you’ll notice vast improvements in your scoring abilities.  It all comes to don to practice which, as always, really does make perfect.

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