Are You Ruining Your Golf Grip?

by Lee MacRae

Do you ever try changing your golf grip to improve your score? Do you find yourself trying to do it every week, trying to find just the right golf grip that let you hit the ball straight? Do you hunt through bookstores and the library for more ideas on how to grip your golf clubs? If you say that yes to all that then you may have solved your problem right there.

Some people may find that hard to understand but you have to realize that there are only three basic golf grips in the golf universe.  We have the Vardon grip, the 10 finger or baseball grip and the overlap grip.  Any other golf grips are usually very difficult to master and best left to golf gurus or two the golf gods themselves.

You see the golf grip has just one fundamental reason to exist-to grip the golf club. All it really does is allow you to swing the club up over your head and bring it back square to the golf ball and to the target you are aiming for. That’s it. That’s all she wrote!  Some people may tell you it also has to do with the amount of power you put into the shot and so on but forget all that for now. All you really want for now is a grip that puts your golf club face square to the ball and to the target.

So if your grip is right, why are you still driving the ball all over the golf course?  Well, because something else is wrong. If your swing arc is inside to outside, where do you think the ball is going to go? You grip can be the best it can be but it won’t compensate for a bad swing. Instead of always looking at your golf grip why don’t you look somewhere else?

Here is a good tip that you can try. Go on the Internet or go to your local sporting goods store and look for a good golf swing training aid that has a built in molded grip on the handle. This will ensure we were that you always have your hands gripping the club properly. If you get one of the golf swing training aids that breaks at a hinge when you swing it, then you are going to begin to see exactly where you were going wrong in your swing and not in your grip.  These induced training aids break anywhere in the swing plane where you are swinging incorrectly. You don’t have to guess.  It will help you to understand exactly what you’re doing wrong.

Don’t be one of those golfers who is constantly looking for the perfect golf grip. You may already have one now. You may actually be losing it if you’re not careful. Once you get yourself a few golf lessons and understand how to grip the golf club perfectly, use a good training aid with a built-in grip to help you reinforce the perfect golf grip for you and concentrate on the other areas of your setup and golf swing. And watch your golf scores begin to drop.

Buy a Refiner golf club with a molded golf grip to get a better golf swing.

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