How One Golf Swing Tip Boosts Your Distance

How One Golf Swing Tip Boosts Your Distance
By Kent B. Thompson

During the round of golf when your game is not up to par have you ever heard the phrase “you are swinging too fast you need to slow down”. I know even today I hear this and it is usually given by a player whose game is worse than mine. I am not sure about you but I have a hard time taking unsolicited advice from a player with a lower skill level than myself.

Almost all golfers should never listen that piece of advice about slowing down. Many of them swing the club too slow already. Today we will look at how to speed up your club head speed.

Do this simple drill to increase your club head speed. First turn a golf club upside down. Grip the club just below the club head. Swing the club and at the bottom of the forward swing, where the ball sits at address, you should hear a whooshing sound. The whooshing sound is an indicator for the amount of speed you have generated. The louder the whoosh the faster the club head is traveling. Start slow and increase the speed and swing to where the whoosh is the loudest and you are able to still remain in balance.

Where you hear the whoosh in your swing is extremely telling. The whoosh should be loudest as the club is going through the impact area. For a lot of golfers this is not the case. They will hear the whoosh loudest before the handle gets to impact. What does this tell us? This means that you have released the club too soon and the club is beginning to decelerate as it approaches impact. Resulting in a loss of power.

Try and picture a child on a swing in a playground. The child swings in a pendulum motion starting out with a small to and fro motion and gradually swinging higher and faster. Where is the child moving the fastest? At the top? Halfway down? Or at the bottom? At the bottom of course. Even if they rely on gravity alone the fastest part of the swing is at the bottom.

The benefit of this exercise to increase your club head speed. Speed is one of the five “laws” that determine your ball flight. Increase your speed and you can increase your distance.

K.B. Thompson has taught hundreds of golfers of all ages and skill levels.  Has operated TP Golf Online since 1999 and has written The Secret to Creative Shot Making where you can learn how to create shots on demand.

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